Signite Awarded First Place in Label Industry Global Awards

ACTEGA Technology Dominates Innovation Category of Label Industry Global Awards with Signite Awarded First Place

ACTEGA has been presented with one of the most prestigious awards in the labels and packaging industry – The Label Industry Global Awards’ Award for Innovation.

The ‘Award for Innovation’ seeks to recognize an innovation or idea that has helped transform and progress the label industry worldwide. This year, that innovation has been named as ACTEGA’s Signite™ solution for its pioneering sustainable decoration solution that enables brands and converters to significantly reduce waste, while providing expanded design flexibility and recyclability and reuse possibilities.

The award was a significant accomplishment for the Signite team, but had they lost to the other finalist, they would still be celebrating as the runner up was none other than ground-breaking ACTEGA metallisation technology, ECOLEAF . ECOLEAF is a revolutionary sustainable metallization process, set to transform the way labels and packaging are embellished.

Paolo Grasso, Sales Director for ECOLEAF, commented, “The fact that two ACTEGA technologies were competing against each other for this coveted award demonstrates just how committed and proficient ACTEGA is at developing cutting-edge solutions that will change the market. Both finalist ACTEGA technologies have undergone extensive development to achieve the high-quality sustainable decorations they can now produce. This prestigious nomination, and Signite’s ultimate win, is well-deserved recognition for two solutions that are sure to support a more sustainable future for the labels and packaging industry.”

Signite and ECOLEAF were benchmarked against competing solutions on several attributes, including the degree of innovation, practical impact, economic aspect, environmental aspects, and overall concept. The Label Industry Global Awards jury members highlighted Signite’s breakthrough application process, creating decorations entirely on press by utilizing the latest in UV-curable chemistry and eliminating the need for the laminated constructions used in traditional pressure-sensitive label production. As such, the pioneering solution has zero waste-matrix to dispose of, along with a premium look and feel comparable to direct-to-container screen printing.

The application capabilities of Signite were also a standout feature that the Label Industry Global Awards jury noted. Signite decorations are applied with a unique inline applicator machine, ensuring accurate, reliable placement, which the judging panel felt was a step towards changing the way label decorations are produced.

“We’re extremely pleased that the transformative potential of Signite was recognized with this important industry innovation award. It is a fantastic validation for the great team of ACTEGA chemists and engineers that took Signite from technology concept to product reality over the last few years. We look forward to continuing to build and scale the technology with the support of sustainability motivated brand owners, printer partners and the broader industry ecosystem. ” concluded Grant Schutte, Vice President for Signite.