Actega at Metpack 2023

METPACK 2023: ACTEGA presents innovative solutions

Bremen – ACTEGA's Metal Packaging Solutions business line will be exhibiting at METPACK 2023 in Essen, the most important global meeting place for the international metal packaging industry. Here, ACTEGA will introduce several market innovations. From May 02 to May 06, 2023, visitors will be able to experience the most innovative developments and technologies that set new standards in efficiency, quality, and sustainability in Hall 3 - Booth 3C55.

"Following the last METPACK, which had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, it is now even nicer to be able to present our latest innovations at this important trade show," says Wilfried Lassek, Senior Vice President Metal Packaging Solutions. "We are looking forward to good discussions and a lively exchange on our established and our new products."

ACTEGA’s Innovations at a glance:


To increase efficiency and sustainability in the production of canning or beverage can ends, ACTEGA developed the ROTARflow technology. This groundbreaking digital system transforms the current manual and analog processes (process monitoring, adjustment, and data processing and analysis) into a fully automated, digital, and continuous operation. For the first time, the technology allows the right amount of water-based sealant to be monitored and controlled in real time and adjusted independently as needed.


With INTELLOX® QR 4.0, ACTEGA is launching a PVC-free compound for crown corks into which a QR code can be directly lasered. One special feature: INTELLOX® QR 4.0 is a scavenger compound that keeps the oxygen ingress level low and optimally protects the product. The QR code remains scannable even after the shelf life of the filled product has expired, allowing product information or competitions for consumers to be placed in the QR code rather than on a label, which can thus be saved.


UV coating with plasma treatment - ACTEGA, in cooperation with Brasilata Labs and Plasmatreat GmbH, has succeeded in developing a solution that, for the first time, allows a UV coating to be applied directly to a surface pre-treated with atmospheric plasma. This means that conventional solvent-based coatings, which require an oven for drying (using gas), can be avoided. UV DIRECT TO METAL thus represents a major step forward in terms of sustainability, because thanks to this new process, solvent-based coatings can be replaced by more efficient and sustainable UV systems. Only a UV lamp is needed to cure this coating, eliminating the need for drying in a gas oven, which means enormous energy savings. In addition, the innovative solution allows faster production, causes lower costs and around 40 percent less CO2 emissions as well as lower VOCs compared to solvent-based coating systems.


While the market for smaller quantities of metal cans is growing continuously, as special, and individual designs are in high demand, the production of metal cans with medium or small quantities represents a major challenge for manufacturers. Production has always been associated with high costs and thus not very profitable to date. With INNOCAN™, ACTEGA, in cooperation with Brasilata Labs and HP-Indigo, has succeeded in developing a novel and cost-effective technology that enables digital offset-quality decoration of metal sheets for 3-pieces products (such as aerosol, food and general line cans) with a high output. In doing so, INNOCAN™ meets the required standards in terms of protection and migration of decoration materials.


ACTGreen® PROVALIN® is a green PVC and plasticizer-free compound for Press-On Twist-Off® (PT) closures, which has its main application in baby food jars. The color differentiation from the PVC material used in the market enables end consumers to make a conscious purchasing decision for health and sustainability. ACTGreen® PROVALIN® also scores well on other criteria such as general satisfaction - especially after end consumers learned in a market study that the closure tested was PVC-free. According to this information, 78% of respondents preferred the PT closure with ACTGreen® PROVALIN®, which was assigned properties such as "convenient," "hygienic," and "fresh" much more frequently than the comparable closure with PVC.

ACTEGA is a division of the internationally operating specialty chemicals group ALTANA. With production facilities in Europe, North and South America and China, ACTEGA develops, produces and distributes specialty coatings, inks, adhesives and sealing compounds with a focus on the packaging industry. Following the motto "Packed with Expertise", ACTEGA does not only offer technically sophisticated product solutions, but also meets the high safety standards of the food, beverages, pharmaceutical and toy industries. Whether for flexible and metal packaging, folding cartons or labels, products by ACTEGA provide packaging with a high-quality appearance and innovative functionalities.

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