Laminating Adhesives for Stand-Up Pouches

Strong adhesion and excellent product durability

Stand-up pouches are suitable for numerous applications and have become increasingly important on the packaging market due to their great flexibility and low weight and material requirements. The great success of the pouches as a modern packaging system is due not least to their user-friendly handling. Brand owners also benefit from the wide range of visual and tactile finishing options.

Our laminating adhesives for stand-up pouches are free from BPA and epoxysilanes (such as GLYMO and GLYEO) and are also suitable for aggressive filling goods and packaging for food and pet food. We also supply the right hardener to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Our laminating adhesives are characterized in the field of BPA- and epoxysilane-free adhesives by exceptionally good adhesion combined with excellent product durability.

Martin Bauer

Area Sales Manager Flexible Packaging

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Product properties of our laminating adhesives

  • Solvent-based 2-component polyurethane adhesive based on polyols in combination with aliphatic or aromatic isocyanates
  • Retort-resistant
  • Good flexibility
  • Excellent thermal and chemical resistance
  • Very good durability even against aggressive filling materials such as greases, oils and acids
  • Suitable for plastic, paper and aluminum composites
  • Suitable for legally compliant food packaging

Our product recommendations

ACTEbond® ASB-908-05

  • High performance laminating adhesive for all types of stand-up pouches

ACTEbond® ASB-903-W205 (white) - Europe
ACTEbond® ASB-203-W230 (white) (TSCA listing) - North America

  • Replaces a complete white print
  • Implementation of individual packaging designs by printing additional colors
  • Replaces white polyester by laminating transparent films with our white adhesive

Food safety

For us as a manufacturer of products for the food sector, it is essential to guarantee consumers the highest safety standards. Keeping pace with the latest developments in food legislation is therefore one of our core competencies. We have been avoiding the use of BPA and epoxysilane in our laminating adhesives since 2006. We also offer aliphatic hardener combinations to prevent the formation of primary aromatic amines (PAA) during the sterilization process.

Advantages for our customers

  • PVC-NI, BPA-NI and epoxysilane-free
  • Versatile use due to particularly high product resistance
  • Ink savings with colored adhesives
  • Tailor-made product solutions according to customer requirements
  • Worldwide availability and technical advice, also on-site at the system
  • Extensive know-how in technical and food law issues

Tips about the lamination process

Product brochure

You can find more information about our laminating adhesives for stand-up pouches in our product brochure.


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