Protective and Heat Seal Coatings for Chocolate Wrappers

Safe product solutions for individual chocolate packaging

Chocolate is one of the most demanding foods when it comes to packaging. The packaging must not only protect the chocolate from external influences such as light or moisture, but also preserve its distinctive taste while being as light as possible, but also stable.

Our product portfolio includes both protective coatings and heat seal coatings for all common substrates (aluminum, plastic, paper), which provide optimum protection for the contents and are compliant with all standard food regulations.

Protective and heat seal coatings for chocolate wrappers

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Food Safety

Reliable protection of consumer health is our top priority. That's why we conscientiously test the safety of the raw materials we use and, as a matter of principle, only use materials that have been proven to comply with food regulations (including FDA and EU regulations). In order to meet not only current but also future market requirements, we are continuously developing our products.

Typical structure of a chocolate wrapper

4. Printing ink
3. Primer
2. Substrate
1. Heat seal coating

Sustainability of water-based and solvent-based systems

The increasing demand for environmentally friendly and high-performance coatings is leading us to continuously expand and improve our product portfolio. In the area of protective and heat seal coatings, we offer both solvent-based and water-based systems. Under the aspect of sustainability, water-based coatings offer a number of advantages:

  • Significantly less VOC than solvent-based systems
  • No hazardous material storage required
  • Reduced requirements for transport, occupational safety and fire protection

Answering the question which of the two systems is the more sustainable requires a differentiated case-by-case approach that considers various factors along the entire value chain. We therefore advise our customers to comprehensively and individually evaluate the appropriate product solutions for their specific needs.

Product properties of our protective coatings

  • Low film forming temperature of 80°C possible (single component)
  • High line speed possible
  • High mechanical properties such as fast drying and scratch resistance
  • Printable with standard printing inks
  • Pigmented systems also possible
  • Gloss and matte level individually adjustable
  • Available as water-based and solvent-based systems

Our product recommendations

  • ACTEcoat® SW-141 series (water-based, acrylate-based)
  • ACTEcoat® SL-819 series (solvent-based, polyester-based)

Product properties of our heat seal coatings

  • Optimum protection of the filling material due to a low sealing temperature (SIT)
  • Single layer structure possible
  • Individual adjustment of lubricity possible
  • Low migration, suitable for legally compliant food packaging
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • BPA-NI, PVC-NI and plasticizer free
  • Available as water-based and solvent-based systems

Our product recommendations

  • ACTEseal® HS-389 series (solvent-based, polyester-based)
  • ACTEseal® HM-19X Series (solvent-based, polyester-based)
  • ACTEseal® HSW-002 Series (water-based, polyolefin-based)

Here you can also find out how you can use our effect coatings to impressively set the scene for your chocolate packaging.

Advantages for our customers

  • Customized product solutions according to customer requirements
  • Worldwide technical advice, also on site at the plant
  • Worldwide availability
  • Extensive know-how in food law issues
  • Quality control through state-of-the-art testing equipment
  • Quality certificates for each individual batch
  • Integrated management system: certified in environmental, energy, quality and occupational health and safety management

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