UV Adhesives

ACTEGA North America offers a full line of UV adhesives for a multitude of constructions including laminating and pressure-sensitive applications, as well as adhesives for coupons and extended content.

RadBond® offers fast press speed for BOPP-BOPP & BOPP-paper and good bond strength at lower coating weights.

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Recommended uses for RadBond® UV Adhesives

RadBond® UV adhesives are an ideal choice for several end uses including pharma, self-ready packaging, household, industrial and indirect food contact for applications such as wet glue, window adhesives, coupons and extended content.

RadBond® UV adhesives are a great choice for laminating, coupons, extended content applications wet glue and window adhesives.


Sales Director, Flexible Packaging

RadBond® UV Adhesives Features and Benefits:

  • Benzophenone-free
  • Designed for BOPP/Paper and PP/PP. Some products are earmarked for PE/film & paper, PET/film & paper &/or PVC/PVC.
  • Viscosities range from 100 cPs to 1600 cPs and cure speeds of 280 ft./min. to 500 ft./min.
  • Specific products offer characteristics such as very fast cure, deep cure, low odor, ideal for PET laminates, run well with low coat weights and economical.