UV Coatings for Labels

Innovative technology for an exceptional finish

UV coatings offer outstanding gloss and clarity. They can achieve a wide array of gloss levels, ranging from ultra-high gloss or gloss to satin or matt. Additionally, certain UV coatings can create unique visual effects that cannot be produced by other types of coatings.

ACTEGA offers a comprehensive portfolio of UV coatings for both general use and special applications. These coatings feature a multitude of effects and functions to meet the specific needs of your project.


• Beverages

• Healthcare

• Food


• Gloss

• Matt

• Tactile

• Glitter

• Pearl

• Soft touch

• Motion


• Low odor

• Low migration

• Cationic release

• Thermal transfer


• Flexo

• Narrow web

• Screen

• Digital

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Find the right solution for you

ACTEGA’s UV coatings are designed to be used with a range of different films and substrates.

Our coatings are benzophenone-free and are formulated to reduce yellowing, odor, and curl. They boast excellent resistance to cracking and good scratch and abrasion resistance; they are also highly water-resistant, slip-resistant, and boast strong adhesion and flexibility—they bond particularly well to polyester substrates. In addition, they are suitable for vacuum metallization.

Our global portfolio of brands for UV coatings


Our North American brand of UV coatings for labels.


Our European brand of UV coatings for labels.


Our patented global brand of UV coatings with motion effects.

Our brands with a regulatory focus


Externally certified UV coatings for indirect food contact; designed for the European market.


Low-migration UV coatings for indirect food contact; designed for the European market.

More brands to meet your specific needs


UV and water-based coatings for digital printing