Opaque White Inks for Labels

For brilliant, high-impact colors: opaque white inks

Opaque white inks allow for colorfast printing on substrates that would not otherwise be white enough. Using white inks over foil substrates affords designers the opportunity to create toned effects using solid or transparent colors where white is not the primary color used to achieve the maximum effect. Additionally, white inks can serve as a base that improves the overall opacity and contrast of other colors.

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ACTEGA’s high-opacity white inks are ideal for UV and UV LED flexo and rotary screen printing applications. Our whites are also perfect for overprinting with UV or water-based inks and coatings, and they boast excellent trapping performance. Additional advantages include strong adhesion to a broad range of films and metallized substrates and enhanced flow at higher print speeds.

Our comprehensive line of white inks includes:

• Surface White LED UV

• Surface White (UV cure ONLY)

• Surface White (LED cure ONLY)

• Screen White

• Last Down Hi-Slip Shrink White (UV Hg and LED UV Hg versions)

• Other opaque white inks with a wide variety of different functions.

Whether you are using opaque white inks as a base or a primary color, ACTEGA’s product portfolio has got you (and your substrates) covered.

Our global portfolio of brands for opaque white inks


UV and LED UV inks for flexo applications.


The ACTExact® line of LED UV inks for low-migration applications.

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