Coatings for Monobloc Aerosols, Aluminum Bottles and Collapsible Tubes

A well-rounded portfolio of coatings​

Monoblocs are used for dispensing gasless and compressed gas products as a spray. They have a wide range of applications in the personal and home care, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Aluminum Bottles
Aluminum bottles are lightweight and extremely durable, and they protect their contents from light. They are primarily used for beverages. Our internal varnish keeps the contents safe, while our external coatings are beautifully eye-catching.

Collapsible Tubes
Tubes are a lightweight, robust, safe form of packaging that meets the strict requirements of the food, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries.

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Find the right solution for you

When it comes to coatings for monoblocs, aluminum bottles, and collapsible tubes, our portfolio has got you covered. It offers everything you need, including conventional, UV, and water-based coatings. Our internal coatings deliver excellent resistance to chemicals and feature low cure technology. They can be applied by spraying, and they are BPA-NI and NMP-free. Our external coatings provide exceptional coverage, abrasion resistance, flow, and flexibility. The technology is water-based, and the coatings can be applied with a roller. They come in clear, white, a range of other colors, and an “effect” base coat. Our overprint varnish features a variable matt level. And for peak safety and sustainability, our coatings are pasteurizable, BPA-NI, and low VOC. A safe, durable, and attractive solution for these products, inside and out!