Coatings for General Line Cans, Drums, and 3-piece Aerosol Cans

Comprehensive coatings for GL, drums, and aerosols​

Coatings for General line cans are vital in a large number of industries, as well as for many unprocessed dry food products. The ACTEGA GL coatings portfolio includes products with very high chemical resistance alongside coatings that comply with the strictest food contact regulations for baby food.

Coatings for Drums have to be adapted to the very specific manufacturing process for steel drums, which can include applying the coatings by roller or spray. We have extensive experience in color matching and can deliver an impressive variety of colored base coats.

Aerosol cans need to stand out on the shelf - and coatings can give them the decorative touch they need to do just that. Our white base coats and overprint varnishes for aerosol cans make colors sharper and brighter so they’re sure to catch the consumer’s eye.

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Our portfolio of coatings for GL, drums, and aerosol cans offers everything you need, including UV OPVs and UV Direct to Metal coatings, as well as PVC and two-component PU topcoats for high chemical resistance. Our range of internal coatings comprises protective lacquers, base coats, topcoats, and liquid side stripes, and in terms of external coatings, we offer protective lacquers, base coats, primers, overprint varnishes, and liquid side stripes. With exceptional visual appeal and compliance with the highest safety standards, our coatings cover the full gamut of requirements.