SVELON® Low Gauge Compounds

For thinner crown corks

Today, sustainabilty is our main focus when developing new compounds. The availability of raw materials is limited. Thus, reducing the metal thickness makes a valuable contribution. As part of the SVELON® family, we now offer low gauge (LG) compounds. Their special properties enable our customers to have crown corks with thickness down to 0.18 mm - without compromising the performance of the crowns. Read more about the LG compounds here.

Properties of the low gauge compound

  • Soft and flexible low gauge compound to compensate for the missing steel properties.
  • Excellent sealing performance.
  • Outstanding pressure retention results.
  • Suitable for pasteurization.
  • Also available as scavenger version.

For our customers, the low gauge technology offers the following advantages

  • Material savings through reduction of the steel thickness.
  • Through material savings, a reduced carbon footprint is achieved - reduced CO2 emissions during production and transport.
  • The volume of packaging material is reduced​, hence less packaging waste.
  • Strong sealing and high protection - the low gauge technology protects the filling good with the same performance as a standard system.
  • Thinner crown corks with the low gauge compound ensure good brand recognition.
  • Fast production change - no (or minimal) adjustments needed at the bottling manufacturing facilities.

For the end consumers, the low gauge technology ensures the following

  • A reliable sealing that protects the content of a bottle.
  • Properties of the filling good are kept.
  • Packaging material is saved - bringing sustainability to the front.

Did you know?

ACTEGA's low gauge compound solution makes it possible to reduce the thickness of crown corks by up to 0.3 grams per crown cork and to protect the filled beverage. That does not sound like much, until you consider that more than 300 billion crown corks are used worldwide each year. This could mean a metal saving of around 90,000 tons per year. Indeed, ACTEGA’s solution improves the CO2 footprint almost automatically, as less steel also means less energy and lower transport costs.

To draw a picture, 7,300 tons of steel were used to build the Eiffel Tower.

Save the world from unnecessary material and CO2 - use our low gauge compound in your crown corks.

Dr. Katharina Bahrs

Head of Global Market Management Closures

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