Compounds for Plastic Closures

Perfect for plastics

When it comes to plastic closures, ACTEGA offers compounds for in-shell and out-shell molding and for sport caps. All of our compounds meet stringent flavor protection standards and can also be used for laser marking; they are suitable for both single-use and returnable bottles.

In addition, our portfolio includes valve solutions that are PVC- and silicone-free—so they can be recycled as part of the standard recycling stream for caps.

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Find the right solution for you

Our portfolio of compounds for plastic closures includes PVC-free solutions for an extensive range of filling goods and product treatments. Our compounds are suitable for in-shell and out-shell molding, injection molding (including valves), single- and double-lip profiles, and inlays, and they are impressively food-safe, as well—they are MOF and free from unsaturated fatty acid amides. They can also be laser-marked, and they contain oxygen scavengers to keep food and beverages tasting fresh. They are compatible with a variety of treatments, including cold aseptic filling, hot filling, and pasteurization—everything you need to ensure that the plastic closures on your product keep it safe and delicious for consumers.