Sealants for Non-round Food Cans

A solid seal in any shape or size

Artística water-based sealants for food are certified compliant with international food contact legislation and have proven themselves in the most challenging industrial filling and seaming processes.

Our sealants are compatible with all coatings available on the market for metal packaging, including BPA-NI and PFAS-free coatings. They have also been proven to work extremely well with critical functional coatings such as meat release.

Additionally, they are suitable for use with non-easy-open ends, easy-open ends and peel-seam ends.

Artística offers a water-based sealant for every type of application process for non-round ends. Novel lining technologies include nozzle lining and copy lining as well as robotic and pantographic liners. Conventional application technologies use showerhead and die-lining equipment.

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Find the right solution for you

We offer two different types of water-based sealants for non-round food cans, so you are certain to find a product that meets your needs.

ARTÍSTICA APF 542 is an injection lining for non-round cans that can be applied using any conventional copy-lining technology. It is approved for use in industrial pasteurization and sterilization processes, and it has demonstrated excellent performance even when the nozzle is set to a high linear speed. Additionally, it is highly compatible with an extensive range of different chemical coatings.

ARTÍSTICA T18 for non-round cans is applied via a showerhead or die-lining process and is suitable for high line outputs. It goes on evenly and cleanly and is approved for use in industrial pasteurization and sterilization processes. It also boasts excellent compatibility with BPA-NI coatings.