Sealants for Round Food Cans

Well-rounded and perfectly sealed

Artística water-based sealants for food are certified compliant with international food contact legislation and have proven themselves in the most challenging industrial filling and seaming processes.

Our sealants are compatible with all chemicals used for coating metal packaging, including compounds that are BPA-NI and PFAS-free. They have also been proven to work extremely well with critical functional coatings such as meat release.

Additionally, they are suitable for use with non-easy-open ends, easy-open ends and peel-seam ends.

Artística sealants for round ends are applied by a nozzle injection liner while the can end rotates on a chuck. The injection pressure, nozzle opening time, and chuck rotation speed all play an important role in the sealant application process. All types of lining machines—from traditional stationary liners to the latest high-speed multi-station rotary liners—can be used to apply our water-based sealants.

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Find the right solution for you

We offer two different types of water-based sealants for round food cans, so you are certain to find a product that meets your needs.

ARTÍSTICA R52 PLUS is our universal food sealant; it is certified compliant with international food contact legislation and boasts impressively long-lasting adhesion to all types of coatings. It is applied to round can ends using a nozzle injection liner and is approved for use in all industrial food canning processes. We have received enormously positive feedback and testimonials from the large number of local, regional, and global brand owners who have used this sealant in their own products—it performs extremely well on both rotary and stationary lining machines, adheres to an extensive range of different chemical coatings, and can be adapted to any type of seam.

ARTÍSTICA L62 S100 is our “easy-dry” sealant for round food cans. It has a remarkably long shelf life, as it maintains a consistent level of viscosity when stored. It can be used in central feeding circuits as well as for bulk delivery. It boasts excellent performance on both low-speed and high-speed sealant liners and is compliant with all of the most important food contact regulations. And the sealant can even be dried in low-temperature ovens, in short periods of time, or in situations where the can ends are separated. It also offers excellent value for money, as a small amount of sealant delivers impressive yields.