Pearlescent Coatings

Effective finishing

Pearlescent coatings enrich printed products with an elegant and high value surface. They can be applied full area or partially for a defined finishing. Depending on color, pigment size and type of pigment, you are able to achieve various effects.

Pearlescent effects can be realized in nearly every color shade, such as red, blue, silver or gold.

How pearlescent works

Pearlescent coatings use the phenomenon of light refraction. Pigments consist of a structure of transparent layers with different refractive indices. The different optical wave lengths are amplified or absorbed dependent on the thickness of the pigment lamina. Therefore the coating shimmers in the defined color only and not over the whole color spectrum. The smaller the pigment size, the more silky the brilliance and the stronger the coverage.

By enabling creative effects, pearlescent coatings achieve differentiation from traditional printed products. Discover our product offer.

Dr. Björn Askevold

Global Portfolio Manager Paper-Based Packaging

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