Coatings for Screen Printing

Screen printing thrives on effects

Unique effects can be achieved with our coatings for screen printing. This includes:

  • Highest gloss
  • Premium matt
  • Soft Touch/Wet Touch
  • Sand effects
  • Matt relief
  • Gloss relief
  • Fine structures
  • Coarse structures, etc.

ACTEGA offers products for the application on paper, cardboard and film, for the full-area or partial coating, with a high edge definition.

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Water-based coatings for screen printing

ACTEGA strives to develop innovations not only for more impressive, but also for more environmentally friendly finishing solutions. While screen printing is traditionally associated with UV or solvent-based systems, ACTEGA's portfolio now also includes water-based coatings. UV coatings undoubtedly have their place in the market and continue to be part of a solid portfolio for screen printing companies. However, the acceptance of water-based coatings is expected to increase and represent an important building block in creating a more sustainable printing landscape.

High-quality finishing that appeals to consumers visually and haptically is arguably one of the most effective ways to make packaging and printed products stand out.

Christoph Schulze

Coating specialist for screen printing

Shining a new light on screen printing

In an industry landscape that is more competitive than ever and is putting the need for brand differentiation at an all-time high, we are fortunately seeing the packaging world respond with innovation, ingenuity and real integrity, finding new ways to reinvent traditional print forms with both creativity and sustainability at the core. Combining staple, proven technologies such as screen printing with clever and effective new materials and effects could in fact open up an entirely new line of possibilities.

ACTEGA has recognized the importance of going that extra mile in packaging and has greatly expanded its range of coatings for the printing and packaging industry. This strengthened portfolio with a variety of varnishes specially designed for screen printing, enables customers to combine the benefits of screen printing technology with unique and creative new finishes ranging from the highest gloss to premium matt, soft/wet touch, sand effects and matte/gloss relief, amongst others.

Challenge us!

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As a result of an industry landscape that is more competitive than ever and is putting the need for brand differentiation at an all-time high, it is essential to find alternative ways to reinvent traditional print forms such as screen printing. The focus is on both creativity and sustainability.