Solvent-based Coatings

Brilliantly convincing

If a packaging with high gloss and metallic effects is required, BRIVIO® solvent-based products are the right choice. The advantages of this finishing include high production speeds, the application of a perfect surface as well as brilliant gloss and metallic effects. Our BRIVIO® Rainbow products with rainbow effect or the overprintable gold and silver will provide your packaging with a lasting impression.

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Food safety and raw material selection

The excellent evidence of food conformity contributes to the high product acceptance of solvent-based coatings in the finishing of food packaging. Quality and stability of products are ensured by the careful selection of raw materials.

The best results for the following applications

  • Application of metallic effects to replace hot and cold foils
  • Replaces met boards (coated boards with metallic effect)
  • Brilliant metal color effects (silver, gold) also suitable for overprinting
  • Achievement of a very high gloss impression or a special (rainbow) effect

​​​Standard applications

  • Gravure or flexo printing
  • Foil and cardboard substrates
  • Shrink-sleeve