Specialty Offset Inks

More than 22 years of experience

ACTEGA produces printing inks from high-quality raw materials that offer a good balance between performance and functionality. Optimized laboratory and logistics processes with state-of-the-art equipment enable us to supply products with the required high quality while meeting the fast-moving, high-volume market demand.

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Find your solution

We are constantly adapting to the needs of our customers, enabling us to produce inks that meet their exact requirements. Most importantly, thanks to our product safety experts, we are able to fulfil the most stringent requirements of some of the most sensitive industries.

Specialty offset inks by ACTEGA are characterized by their excellent acceptance of water-based and UV overprint varnishes. Products are low odor, provide a good rub resistance and a fast drying. Moreover, they convince by means of their good gloss levels as well as the excellent adjustment of the ink/water balance.

More than a product supplier

In line with our product portfolio, ACTEGA offers hands-on customer service that includes specialized technical and analytical support. At ACTEGA, a qualified technical team is available to assist customers in solving problems related to the printing process or in developing new products. A high level of competence in color assessment is a matter of course for us, which significantly increases customer satisfaction in the field of color shading.