How To | Apply Laminating Adhesives for Stand-Up Pouches

ACTEGA adhesives for stand-up pouches offer our customers many advantages. They are free of epoxysilanes and BPA, sterilization-resistant, and versatile due to their particularly high resilience. For optimal performance, there are a few aspects to keep in mind when laminating.

How to Apply Laminating Adhesives for Stand-Up Pouches

S​tep by Step

1. Preparetion

At first you have to pre-dilute the hardener to make sure that everything is solved properly. Then, you can add it into the OH-terminated part and dilute it down with Ethylacetate. You adjust the viscosity of your mixture while stirring to 20-25 seconds DIN4, which is 20-25 seconds FORD4 or 50 seconds ISO4 measured at 20°C.
This mixture has approximately a pot life of eight hours dynamic and twenty-four hours static. Now you’re ready to pure in your adhesive into your laminating machine.

2. Application

The second step in the R&D for adhesives is to make sure that the laboratory work is connected to the machineries. After the application of the adhesive including running through the tunnel, you should use a nip temperature of around 80°C. The application is been done with a gravure cylinder or with a flexo system. The gravure cylinder can vary in depth, width and form of the cells.

3. Curing

After this procedure you need to make sure, that the adhesive is cured well. To expedite the curing time, you can put it in an oven – for example 40° to 50°C. We recommend seven days.

4. Measuring

After some days you can measure the bond strength between the layers. Our high-performance retortable adhesive can also be sterilized, so we can measure it after and before sterilization.

How To: What needs to be considered in the lamination process

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