Effect Coatings for Laminate Tubes

A multi-sensory experience increases the attraction of products and makes them more likely to be purchased. Visual and tactile effects offer brand owners the opportunity to realize an individual and brand-specific design and thus increase the intuitive perception of product benefits.

These printed samples were finished with UV coatings from our WESSCO® portfolio. Two different designs combine various effects from metallic, matt and gloss effects to wet-touch effects, demonstrating the wide range of design possibilities. Both designs were produced on PBL 400µ 15 EVOH White using an MPS EF 430 printing machine.

Order your printed sample free of charge and see the advantages of our effect coatings for your laminated tubes.

Design „Flower“

Silver with glossy topcoat and matt effect coating.

Design “Bamboo”

Silver with matte topcoat and glossy effect coating.

Applied coatings

WESSCO® Wet-Touch UV Coating 2830

WESSCO® Silver Premium Bright UV Coating 29.499.99

WESSCO® UV gloss coating 27.501.16

WESSCO® UV matte coating 36.501.10

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