Sand Touch and Opaque White

Sample Insights

This shrink sleeve coated with a sand touch effect gives your shrink sleeves that special touch.

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Products and regional availability

EMEABrazilNorth America
Wessco®UV Coating Extra Matt LM 26.351.28 (75%)17VX7099 Verniz UVLAKE Fosco Flexo FACTKote Matte OPV Safeshield RVM010193
Additive Sand Touch 78.396.05 (25%) +Additive Sand Touch 78.396.05 (25%) +Sandy Texture Matte RVM001779
ACTExact® UV White Ink 900971ACTExact® UV Shrink BR Opaco 900716ACTExact® UV White Ink 900971

Production Details

Substrate: PET
Printing: Flexo
Application: Shrink Sleeve

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