Dual Cure Soft Touch & Relief Coating for Low Migration Applications

Sample Insights

This sample highlights UV silver, dual cure soft touch and UV flexo inks for low migration applications.

This combination shows us an outstanding finish with beautiful effects while also complying with low migration regulations.

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Products and regional availability

EMEA & BrazilNorth America
Wessco Polar® UV Silver 29.419.89Pureflex SW 877 Silver RML800982
Wessco® UV Relief LM 2820 + Hardener 2150 (5%)Wessco® UV Relief LM 2820 + Hardener 2150 (5%)
ACTExact® UV Process Inks SafeShieldACTExact® UV Process Inks SafeShield
ACTExact® UV Transparent Ink for BlendingACTExact® UV Transparent Ink for Blending

Production Details

Substrate: PP White
Printing: Flexo MPS EF 430
Application: Shrink Sleeve

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