WESSCO® POLAR Classic UV Silver Coating

Classic UV Silver Coating 29.499.64

This is a traditional UV silver coating for paper, cardboard and film, which is applied in flexographic printing (coating unit). The product shows a high gloss and provides attractive metallic effects. It is solvent-free, low migration and thus suitable for the outside of food and other sensitive packaging.

4 coatings, 3 applications, 2 topcoat versions, 24 exciting printed samples: discover WESSCO® POLAR.

Production Details Sample Set

  • Press: Heidelberg XL L6LL
  • Substrate: MetsäBoard FFB Bright
  • Printing process*: UV Silver + 4C + 2 Spot Colors + Water-based Coating + UV Coating
  • Coating(s): WESSCO POLAR UV Silver Coating 29.419.64 ; Topcoat Version 1: WESSCO 27.499.67; Topcoat Version 2: TerraWet Special Coating G 9/795 FoodSafe
  • Anilox Roller: WESSCO POLAR UV Silver Coating: 13,8 cm³/m² HIT 100 l/cm; WESSCO 27.499.67: 15 cm³/m² ART 100 l/cm; TerraWet Special Coating G 9/795 FoodSafe: 7,5 cm³/m² tri-helical 160 l/cm
* The sample set was printed on one sheet.