TPE Pharmaceutical Stoppers

Processability, Function and Safety

Pharmaceutical stoppers are used to seal injections and drug ampoules that are manufactured in extremely large numbers. For pharmaceutical packaging such as pharmaceutical stoppers, strict requirements and demands apply regarding hygiene, safety, and function.

Since the material change in the pharmaceutical stopper sector is already taking place, we created with ProvaMed® a more sustainable and economically attractive alternative made of TPE.

Developed primarily for pharmaceutical stoppers, ProvaMed® TPE compounds offer a safe solution for the high-quality requirements in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

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Outstanding properties

Our pharmaceutical stopper materials can be colored individually. To make this product advantage recognizable for you, the pharmaceutical stopper materials ProvaMed® 6245 NC and 6345 NC have been colored with blue pigments.

By looking at the samples, you can experience the outstanding properties regarding resealability, fragmentation and penetrability.

 MethodProvaMed® 6145 TLProvaMed® 6245 NCProvaMed® 6345 NC
Shore hardness AASTM D 2240, 5s454543
DensityISO 11830,87 g/cm31,21 g/cm31,02 g/cm3
MFRISO 113331,0 g/10 min (190 °C, 5 kg)5,0 g/10 min (190°C, 10 kg)3,5 g/10 min (190°C, 5 kg)
The measurement results above refer to the uncolored pharmaceutical stoppers.

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