Troubleshooting I Breaking in the Fold

The challenge of breaking in the fold

This is the breaking of the substrate‘s outer layers during folding. Although there is always a certain break, it may damage your overall printrun. Breaking in the fold becomes especially visible by applying dark colours and the coating.

Solving breaking in the fold

S​​tep by Step

1. Prepare your substrate for the folding process

Grooving may work against breaking in the fold. Thus, we recommend this procedure for substrates of 170 g/m² and more as well as for fresh fibre board. Using extremely thick substrates, notching can be the solution.

2. Groove along the running direction

Industrial manufactured substrates are characterized by a running direction. This running direction is formed during the production process. The reason: Fibres of the substrate are brought into a line with the direction of production. If you fold against the running direction, fibres are likely to break. The result is a damaged fold. Thus, groove along the running direction in order to avoid breaking in the fold.

3. Speak with your customers in advance

You can also avoid breaking in the fold while creating the layout. If possible, try to reduce or go without the use of dark colours on the folding line. Also, high coating coverage should be avoided. During the drying process, the material can embrittle and break.

Your checklist

Influence factor: Substrate
Measure: Groove along running direction; prepare your substrate for folding

Influence factor: Inks/coating
Measure: Avoid high ink/coating coverage in the fold

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