Troubleshooting I Orange Peel Effect

The challenge of the orange peel effect

The orange peel effect refers to a coating layer characterized by a surface similar to an orange peel (running disturbances). Water-based coatings dry physically by means of the absorption of the coating into the substrate and the evaporation of water. However, too much water can be extracted from the coating due to the wrong drying conditions. The consequence: Viscosity increases; the coating becomes less capable of flowing. Additionally, unfavorable production conditions may lead to the same situation, as for example a very high room temperature. Last but not least, a wrongly adjusted coating viscosity may be responsible for the orange peel effect.

Solving orange peel effect

S​​tep by Step

1. Adjust your printing speed

If your printing press is running too fast, there is not enough time between coating application and drying. The possible result: a bad running. In this case, slow down your printing press.

2. Check your coating viscosity

For processing water-based coatings, we recommend a temperature of 20°C. Keep your temperature as stable as possible during this time. If your viscosity is too high, we recommend to control it and – if necessary – adjust it with water (max. 3% addition). Check your viscosity regularly, also before and after coating. Stir coatings well before processing.

3. Reduce your coating application

But be careful: If you apply too much coating, running disturbances can be the result.

Your checklist

Influence factor: Printing press
Measure: Slow down

Influence factor: Coating viscosity
Measure: Check and reduce, if necessary

Influence factor: Coating application
Measure: Lower application amount

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