Barrier Coatings

Focused on performance and sustainability

Substances such as oil, grease or water have a strong influence on the quality of packaging. They can penetrate the substrate, damage the printing ink or impair the filling. A barrier is therefore essential in many cases. Traditionally, multilayer substrates are used as a barrier for packaging.

A more sustainable alternative is ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings. This product line includes both water-based barrier coatings and aqueous TPE dispersions (YUNICO®) for various applications and end uses.

This makes ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings the perfect solution for printers, paper and board converters and paper mills.

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Water-based barrier coatings from the perspective of sustainability

Packaging is not only necessary for the protection and transportation of goods, but also an important environmental concern. The increasing use of packaging combined with low reuse and recycling rates is hindering the development of a low-carbon circular economy.

Consumer demand for environmentally friendly packaging is increasing. In addition, legislation in Europe and around the world is adapting and driving regulation towards a more sustainable future.

For packaging that must provide a barrier effect, solutions such as multiple layer substrates are widely used in the industry. However, due to their poor recyclability, these materials represent a major shortcoming in terms of sustainability and are subject to change.

Alternatives are needed that offer the right functionality for the desired packaging application. They must protect the filling good, be safe for consumers, run efficiently on production lines and at the same time reduce the packaging's environmental footprint.

Our innovative ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings help customers and brand owners to create value on the way to a circular economy.

Wilke Föllscher

Business Development Manager Paper Mills EMEA

Numerous applications - diverse possibilities

ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings provide adequate protection against grease, water, water vapor, dairy products, alcohol, oil or alkali throughout the packaging’s lifetime. They can be processed by sheet-fed offset, flexo and gravure printing or by means of various coaters.

As part of ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings, we combine our expertise in coating formulation with the innovative YUNICO® technology. This technology makes it possible to extend the application range of barrier coatings through a unique dispersion production process. As such, we enable the development of customized coatings for different applications and end uses with unmatched regulatory safety - for a new generation of barrier applications.

Our barrier coatings offer many valuable properties

  • Appearance (glossy, neutral, satin, matt)
  • Heat sealability
  • Release properties
  • High wet block resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Compliance with food law depending on region
  • Overprintability

Here is a selection of end uses

  • Fast food packaging, packaging for frozen food,microwave and oven packaging
  • Menu trays, fruit and vegetable trays
  • Ice cream cups & cones
  • Drinking cups for hot and cold drinks
  • Chocolate wrappers
  • Bakery products
  • Prepared meals/salads/sandwiches
  • Pet food
  • Detergents
  • Paper plates

We rely on a close partnership with our customers in order to precisely meet their requirements in terms of costs, regulation and application.

Markus Locher

Global Manager Barrier and Sustainable Packaging

Let us take your requirements with us!

Barrier coatings are highly specialized systems. Often, the barrier effect depends on various factors, such as the filling good, the printing or coating process and the substrate. To make the right coating recommendation, a number of information is needed.

ACTEGA does not only provide a dedicated barrier team, but also relies on a close cooperation with customers and partners as well as on test methods tailored to individual customer needs.


A deeper insight for paper and board converters

You are a converter and want to switch from plastic to paper-based packaging or choose a more environmentally friendly coating, e.g. for your barrier papers?

Here you can read our dedicated White Paper.


Printed sample

Here you can discover and order our range of printed samples for barrier coating solutions.