Heat seal Coatings for Menu Trays

Maximum protection for menu trays without extrusion and film lamination

Thanks to their excellent barrier properties, aluminum meal trays enable a longer shelf life for food and help to avoid food waste. An aluminum-PP composite is the current industry standard, especially for wet pet food. However, this packaging structure is coming under pressure in terms of sustainability, as a mix of materials makes recycling more difficult. Future price increases (EPR fees) for distributors will trigger a trend towards more sustainable products, making mono-materials particularly important.

We have developed a unique heat seal coating system that eliminates the need for extrusion and film lamination while providing a meat-release effect. Brand owners can not only make their packaging more sustainable, but also reduce their costs through simplified and faster processes.

Our heat seal coating system eliminates the need for extrusion and film lamination in menu trays and enables a mono-material structure that not only makes this packaging more sustainable, but also more economical.

Dr. Bernd Elsler

Global Market Manager Aluminum Foil

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Product properties of our heat seal coatings

  • Solvent-based system
  • PVC-, BPA- and PFAS-NI
  • Suitable for direct food contact
  • Retort-resistant
  • Deep drawable
  • Maximum flexibility and formability
  • Excellent substrate adhesion even on recycled aluminum
  • Meat-release effect – ensures easy removal of the filling from the tray

Our product recommendation
ACTEcoat® PR-402-1 (primer) in combination with ACTEseal® TN-402-2 (heat seal coating)

Food safety

Reliable protection of consumer health is our top priority. That is why we carefully check the safety of the raw materials we use and only use materials that demonstrably comply with standard food regulations (including FDA and EU regulations). To meet not only current but also future market requirements, we are continuously developing our products.

Advantages for brand owners

  • Reduction in EPR fees thanks to a new packaging design: a multi-material structure becomes a mono-aluminum structure
  • System is also suitable for recycled aluminum, resulting in a CO2 reduction of up to 93%1
  • Shorter production time due to elimination of extrusion and lamination processes, saving complexity, costs (storage, machine time) and energy
  • Compliance with the highest food safety standards (FDA, China Compliance)
  • Processing on existing production lines possible

10.5 kg CO2 e/kg Al (aluminum recycled in Europe) vs. 6.7 kg CO2 e/kg Al (primary aluminum produced in Europe).

Advantages for converters

  • Fewer machines required as only coating is applied: no more extrusion or lamination necessary
  • Technical advice on the optimum setting of application parameters ensures the highest quality
  • Worldwide availability
  • Everything from a single source: in addition to heat seal coatings for the inside, we also offer protective coatings for the outside of menu trays

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