Our PVC-free compounds for crown corks with QR codes

In an ever-changing world, it is important for the customers and brand owners to be able to track consumer trends. In addition, saving packaging material and becoming more sustainable is still a big challenge. Our INTELLOX® family offers two different kinds of compounds, where it is possible to either place a QR-code in the crown cork or laser it directly into the compound. This gives the customers the opportunity to save labels on the bottles and place the product information in the QR-code, or to start competitions, where the end consumers can win products, travels etc. INTELLOX® is a scavenger compound, which keeps the oxygen ingress level low, and the compounds stay transparent and scannable beyond shelf-life.

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Characteristics of the INTELLOX® Compounds

  • PVC-free QR-code liner solutions for crown corks
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • No influence on the filling goods in terms of organoleptic properties
  • Suitable for pasteurization
  • With scavenger for oxygen sensitive filling goods
  • Compliant with standard regulations

With the INTELLOX® family, we at ACTEGA make it easier for brand owners to interact with the end consumers through the use of QR-codes in the crown cork or directly in the liner.

Dr. Katharina Bahrs

Head of Market Management Closures

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