The SVELON® Family

Our PVC-free compounds for crown corks and aluminum closures

Our first SVELON® compound was introduced to the market more than 30 years ago. Today, the product family consists of several compounds with a fit for every filling good and type of crown cork and aluminum closure. Being PVC-free – made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material, this compound family aims to protect the end-consumer.

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Characteristics of the SVELON® compounds

  • PVC-free solutions for crown corks and aluminum closures
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • No influence on the filling goods in terms of organoleptic properties
  • Suitable for hot-fill, pasteurization or sterilization
  • In addition, we offer a solution for thinner crown corks - our low gauge compound – please see below for more information
  • Available with scavenger for oxygen sensitive filling goods
  • Compliant with standard regulations

With the SVELON® family, we at ACTEGA offer a PVC-free solution for every filling good capped with crown corks and aluminum closures."

Dr. Katharina Bahrs

Head of Global Market Management Closures

Our adhesion coatings for the SVELON® family

For the best possible quality of the sealing between compound and closure, we recommend our ACTEbond® adhesive coatings. The following adhesive coatings are recommended for SVELON®:

  • ACTEbond® HLD-79-3-A
  • ACTEbond® HLD-305-A

Unique family members of SVELON®

Today, sustainability is our main focus when developing new compounds. Reducing the metal thickness makes a valuable contribution. As part of the SVELON® family, we offer low gauge (LG) compounds. Their special properties enable our customers to have crown corks with thickness down to 0.18 mm - without compromising the performance of the crowns.

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Download the brochure about our new environmentally friendly mineral oil free (MOF)
compounds SVELON® 875 and DARAFORM® 6435.