POLYLINER® for Valves

Our PVC-free & silicon-free compounds for valves

POLYLINER® valve grades are our first compounds for water bottles, energy drinks and squeezable bottles, which have a valve in the closure. POLYLINER® valve grades comes in three different versions: One for water and energy drinks, a second for non-fatty food such as ketchup, and a third for fatty-food like mayonnaise. Being PVC-free and silicon-free, these compounds for valves are easily recyclable – compared to valves, which contain silicon. Hence, our POLYLINER® grades for valves offer a sustainable solution to the customer and end-consumer.

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Characteristics of the POLYLINER® for valves

  • PVC-free and silicon-free solution for valves
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Good cuttability
  • Soft, flexible and elastic material for easy open and close mechanism to ensure good dosing behavior​
  • No influence on the filling goods in terms of organoleptic properties
  • For water and energy drinks, non-fatty food and fatty food
  • Smooth flow on injection moulding machines
  • Compliant with standard regulations (EU and FDA)

With the POLYLINER® for valves, we at ACTEGA offer a PVC-free and silicon-free solution for water bottles, energy drinks and squeezable tubes.

Dr. Katharina Bahrs

Head of Global Market Management Closures

Additional advantages of the POLYLINER® for valves


Being silicon-free, our POLYLINER® valves are recyclable in the recycling stream of the caps.​

Economic aspect

The POLYLINER® for valves give the opportunity to optimize costs.

Sustainability is our focus when developing new compounds

Enabling the reduction of the metal thickness, replacing raw materials with more sustainable ones or/and making sure that our products contributes to the recycling stream make a valuable contribution. If you want to know more about our other sustainable solutions, please see our low gauge compounds or the PVC-free compound for twist-off and press-twist closures, PROVALIN®.

SVELON® low gauge compounds

For thinner crown corks


The only PVC-free solution for metal vacuum closures

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