UV Coatings for Paper Board

Finishing on the highest level

UV coatings provide finishing on the highest level. They perfectly protect the printed product and enable a smooth further processing.

Also, they offer many advantages: A high reactivity, good running characteristics, a very high scratch and scuff resistance as well as a high chemical resistance.


  • Folding carton
  • Corrugated board
  • Tobacco
  • Publications
  • Commercials
  • Playing cards
  • Others




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Find your solution

UV coatings cure under ultraviolet radiation by means of a chemical reaction, a chain polymerization. During the radiation with UV energy, photoinitiators become highly reactive particles. These species crosslink the acrylates so that a plastic film is formed within milliseconds.

UV coatings from ACTEGA are based on carefully selected raw materials. Whether gloss and matt coatings, textured coatings or silver coatings for brilliant effects - in this extensive product portfolio you will find what you are looking for. Also available are special coatings for food packaging printing (indirect food contact).

Our global portfolio of brands for UV coatings

WESSCO®, TerraGloss®

Two strong European brands for UV coatings.


Our North American brand for UV coatings.

Our brands with a regulatory focus


Externally certified UV coatings for the indirect food contact in Europe.


A portfolio of low migration UV coatings for the indirect food contact in Europe.


As part of UltraSheen®, these are UV coatings free of benzophenone, TMPTA and PFAS.

More brands to serve your specific needs


UV and water-based coatings for digital printing.


European portfolio of UV silver coatings for sustainable metallic effects.


UV silver coatings for sustainable metallic effects in North America.