ACTGreen® Baking Tray

The best barriers for bakery

ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings are focused on performance and sustainability. Thus, this water-based barrier coating solution offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional methods. It builds up a barrier effect against grease and water, and it is suitable for microwave and oven applications.

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Production Details

Substrate: Stora Enso Trayforma

Uncoated side:

  • 1st coating unit: ACTGreen® Barrier Coating AQ1140106-060 (22 cm³/m2)
  • 2nd coating unit: ACTGreen® Barrier Coating AQ1140106-060 (18 cm³/m2)

Coated side:

  • Heat-resistant conventional printing inks
  • 1st coating unit: TerraWet® Special Coating G 9/221 FoodSafe (15 cm³/m2)

We're excited to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings, providing exceptional protection and sustainability for many applications."

Markus Locher

Global Manager Barrier and Sustainable Packaging

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