ACTGreen® Burger Box

ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings

Substances such as oil, fat or water have a strong influence on the quality of packaging. They attack the substrate, can damage the printing inks or impair the filling good. A barrier is therefore essential in many cases. This printed sample successfully combines two strong pillars of the ACTGreen® brand. While we used a sustainable ACTGreen® gloss coating on the outside, a water-based ACTGreen® barrier coating was applied on the inside of the burger box.

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Production Details

  • ​​​​​Press: Heidelberg CD102 DUO
  • Substrate: GC2 240 g/m2
  • Inks: 4/0 C
  • Coating(s): ACTGreen Gloss Coating AQ140706 (exterior), ACTGreen Barrier Coating AQ1140428 (interior)
  • Anilox roller: Gloss Coating = 15 cm³/m²; Barrier Coating = 2 x 20 cm³/m²

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