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Orange Peel Effect

This refers to a coating layer characterized by a surface similar to an orange peel (running disturbances).


Uncoated substrates absorb more moisture and hence are more prone to curling.

Ink Build-up on the Coating Plate

A phenomenon that especially appears while using two-roller systems.

Breaking in the Fold

This is the breaking of the substrate‘s outer layers during folding.

Missing Gloss (draw back)

The more even the surface, the stronger the reflection and the higher the gloss.

Structures in Matt Coatings

The matter the coating, the higher the danger of texture in the matt coating.

Viscosity Difference

Only if the coating has been properly adjusted, a problem-free application out of the coating unit can be provided.

Insufficient Scratch and Scuff Resistance

If properly processed, inks and coatings provide good resistance.

Adhesion Problems with UV Coatings

Different factors can have an influence on adhesion.

Cracks in the Coating Layer

Cracks in the coating layer (cracking) result from tension.

Sensory Problems

Odour and taste are subjective experiences. However, they can have a great influence on the quality of printed products.

Blocking of Printed Sheets

The blocking of printed sheets in the pile is a result of insufficient drying of inks or coating.

Insufficient Curing of UV Coating

Insufficient curing of UV coatings can influence the quality of your printed product.

Insufficient Drying of Water-Based Coating

The drying behaviour plays a major role in printing and further processing.

Micro Foam in Coatings

Foam is the result of air distribution in the coating and can cause various problems.