Sustainability at ACTEGA

A blue world – committed to sustainability

Blue like our planet, all-embracing like the blue sky or the pure blue waters of the oceans. For ACTEGA, sustainability is blue.

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to not only operate sustainably as a business ourselves, but to ensure that we are taking steps to support a sustainable future for our customers and the packaging industry as a whole. We take a holistic approach to achieving this goal, looking at all aspects of what it means to offer a sustainable solution. This results in the extensive range of products you see today, and those in development for tomorrow, that put consumer safety, environmental health and packaging recyclability at the forefront, without compromising the product quality ACTEGA is known for.

Key driver for innovation and new product development

At ACTEGA, we invest in sustainable products and new technologies that can change our industry without wasting our planet. To us, sustainability is more than a market fad: it is the key driver for innovation and new product development and a fundamental concept incorporated into our everyday actions. We understand that the most impactful solutions need to deliver value to our customers while being responsible stewards of our natural resources. To achieve this, we reinvest 10% of our annual sales into Research and Development. Through our products and technologies, we influence the sustainability of consumer packaging. We support the protection of food, help our industry simplify the recycling process and invest in new solutions to further packaging waste reduction.

Together for a vision of a more sustainable industry

We are grateful to have such a strong network of colleagues, customers and partners that support and share our vision for a more sustainable industry. With our partner network, including global brands, industry experts and leading universities, we aim to continue to advance our products and grow our position as a solutions provider that other like-minded, forward-thinking companies will join in order to fulfil their own objectives for a more sustainable future.

Benjamin Lux, Chief Technology Officer, about Sustainability at ACTEGA

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ACTEGA strives to develop sustainable solutions for all relevant markets in which we operate.”

Thorsten Kröller

President Division ACTEGA

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ACTEGA offers a broad portfolio of product and technology solutions in the field of sustainability. Learn how we can create additional value for customers, partners, society and the environment.

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