Laminating adhesives for flexible packaging and adhesion coatings for closures

ACTEbond® is our portfolio of laminating adhesives and adhesion coatings for numerous packaging applications in the food, pet food and pharmaceutical product sectors.

We have many years of experience in the development of high-performance and medium-performance adhesives for individual, demanding requirements. The development of food-safe product solutions and colored adhesives are our core competencies. Our product portfolio includes aliphatic and aromatic systems for a wide range of composite films with good adhesion, even on non-chromated aluminum. Our adhesion coatings for closures are characterized by good bonding properties, are suitable for a wide range of substrates and are also resistant to aggressive filling goods. All adhesion coatings are approved for direct contact with foodstuffs in accordance with global legal regulations.

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Product properties of our laminating adhesives

  • Excellent properties when laminating aluminum, polyester, polyamide and polyolefin
  • Reliable resistance to yellowing
  • Good product resistance
  • Solvent-free and solvent-based systems
  • Aliphatic and aromatic systems – for bonding various composite films, also compatible with non-chromated aluminum
  • PVC-NI, BPA-NI and epoxysilane-free
  • Suitable for legally compliant food packaging

You can find an initial overview of our adhesive portfolio in the pyramid below

High Performance

  • Quadruplex composites such as PET/Alu/oPA/PP for stand-up pouches with maximum product resistance
  • Triplex laminates such as oPA/Alu/PVC for cold-form blisters
  • Duplex laminates such as Alu/PP for sterilizable applications up to 134°C, e.g., for food and pet food packaging

Medium Performance

  • Triplex composites such as PET/Alu/PE for stand-up pouches (especially for dry products and non-sterilizable foods), refill packs and drink packs

Standard Performance

  • Duplex composites such as oPPmet/oPP, oPP/oPP, oPP/CPP, oPA/PE, PA/PE for chip bags, cigarette foils, candy, cheese and pasta packaging


Adhesives for stand-up pouches

Suitable for all types of stand-up pouches.

Adhesives for portion packs

Excellent adhesion and filling resistance.

Pigmented adhesives for flexible packaging

For high-quality, individual packaging designs.

Product properties of our adhesion coatings

  • Good adhesion with PVC-containing plastisols and PVC-free (TPE) compounds
  • Good filling resistance
  • Adhesion to various substrates: suitable for aluminum, tinplate and ECCS
  • BPA-NI adhesion coatings are available for all closures (aluminum screw caps, crown corks and metal vacuum closures)
  • Approval from renowned brand owners worldwide
  • Suitable for legally compliant packaging with direct food contact (including FDA, EU, China approval)