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ACTGreen® Barrier Coatings for Paper/Board Converter

White Paper

For packaging that must provide a barrier effect, solutions such as conventional PE, silicone or fluorochemical barriers are still widely used in the industry. However, due to their poor recyclability, these materials represent a major drawback in terms of sustainability. This white paper examines an alternative in the form of water-based barrier coatings for paper and board converters.

FoodSafe is now Gold

Material Health Certification

FoodSafe coatings form the basis to produce legally compliant food packaging. They are formulated from a tested raw material matrix, enabling the entire FoodSafe range to be awarded the Gold level Material Health Certificate by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. FoodSafe is our portfolio of water-based coatings for the direct food contact, at least with dry and fat-including foods.

TPE is Replacing Rubb

Technical Article

TPE is establishing itself as an alternative to conventional sealing materials in many sealing applications. As part of extensive developments, solutions such as TPE stoppers are now also available for the pharmaceutical and medical sectors - following products for the food sector - as an alternative to those made of butyl rubber and answer current questions.

Energy Curable Flexo Inks for Low Migration Applications

LED-UV Technology

Low migration inks are especially important for food packaging, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical applications. This whitepaper focuses on migration definitions, regulatory authorities, and other important considerations when selecting energy curable flexographic inks for packaging.

Drip Chambers – The Problem with Plasticizers

PVC-free Solutions

Manufacturers of medical devices deal intensively with the materials to be used before the development phase. In the field of plastics, PVC has proven itself for many medical applications. As for infusion systems. Each system comprises a pin, a drip chamber, a transparent infusion line, a flow controller and a connector. The material is inexpensive, easy to process and has good functional properties.This material is increasingly subject to criticism, e.g. because of problems with plasticizers.

Screen Printing in the Focus of Creativity and Sustainability


As a result of an industry landscape that is more competitive than ever and is putting the need for brand differentiation at an all-time high, it is essential to find alternative ways to reinvent traditional print forms such as screen printing. The focus is on both creativity and sustainability.

UV Direct to Metal Systems


Coatings for UV cure systems have a low VOC, thus this is an extremely environmentally clean process. In close cooperation with our partners, we developed a new process that will enable the direct application of our UV coatings adhesion to the steel.

Sustainable Barrier Coating Solutions


Substances such as oil, fat or water have a strong influence on the quality of packaging. They attack the substrate, can damage the printing ink or impair the filling good. A barrier is therefore essential in many cases. Until now, multiple layer substrates have mainly been used as a barrier for packaging. Regarding sustainability, environmental and climate protection, however, it is important to avoid such composites. This is where alternative barrier solutions come into consideration.

Coatings Dedicated to Ecological Sustainability


​​The idea of sustainability is becoming ever more important, also in printing and with regard to overprint varnishes. This White Paper focuses on the ecological dimension of sustainability, on sustainable material purchasing and the significance of bio-based coatings.

UV Coatings in Food Packaging Printing

Legally Compliant Varnishing

For the application of UV coatings in food packaging printing many requirements have to be considered. The analysis, if an overall packaging is suitable for the designated filling good, rests upon the responsibility of those who bring this packaging into circulation. Our White Paper explains the role of photoinitiators and why UV coatings can be used for the indirect food contact only.

LED-UV Coatings in the Printing Industry

LED-UV Technology

LED-UV becomes increasingly important. This technology combines all advantages of traditional UV printing; however - compared to conventional lamps - without the emission of ozone or the use of mercury vapor lamps. This White Paper shows why we also need overprint varnishes in LED-UV printing and what needs to be taken into account when using them.

Coatings in Digital Printing

Digital Printing

As already experienced with regard to other printing methods, the varnishing of digitally printed folded boxes, labels and commercials gains more and more importance. Coatings do not only offer a protective function, but they also provide finishing effects, for example from gloss to matt. This White Paper shows which criteria to consider when choosing your coatings and it explains the challenges for coating manufacturers.