Circular Economy

Away from a “linear” towards a “circular” economy

What we need today is to rethink global economies essentially linked to the exploitation of resources. We need to transform every element of our “take-make-waste” system and ask ourselves how we want to manage resources, make and use products, and what we intend to do with the materials afterwards. An alternative is the circular economy approach: There is no waste. Everything has a new use and returns to the cycle.

In the packaging industry, sustainability is no longer "nice to have“. It is now most definitely a fundamental requirement and expectation of the market.

In terms of packaging, we need to consider two main impacts on sustainability:

  • The CO2 impact
  • The end of a packaging’s life cycle (waste)

To avoid these impacts, we must develop strong tactics to help us live sustainability. ACTEGA has taken up this challenge and is already making important contributions to the approach of circular economy.


In a circular economy, it is important to use resources effectively and to make packaging usable, reusable and recyclable for as long as possible. Perhaps the most obvious step towards waste reduction is to improve the recyclability of end products. Our goal at ACTEGA is to contribute to end products that can be recycled with minimal impact on the recycling process. That's why we are constantly looking to contribute to solid and viable alternatives to non-recyclable or difficult-to-recycle packaging solutions that allow recycling widely and easily utilizing standard practices.
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Sustainability goes far beyond what happens to the end product. The aim is to increase sustainability throughout the entire production chain and to optimize processes. It is important to save material wherever possible. After all, this also influences the CO2 balance, since less material usually means less energy and lower transport costs. At ACTEGA, we invest heavily in new technologies and innovative product solutions to reduce material and waste volumes, lower energy consumption and to make processes more efficient.
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ACTEGA contributes to conserving resources and protecting the environment. We help our customers to produce with low emissions and to increase product safety.”

Benjamin Lux

Chief Technology Officer bei ACTEGA


The objective of displacing materials that are difficult or impossible to recycle through innovative product solutions, as well as contributing to the design of better processes, is closely linked to tactics #1 and #2. This may mean displacing PE extruded paperboard with water-based barrier coatings, using silver coatings instead of metallized substrates, or applying a matte coating to glass to eliminate the need for acid etching.
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Chemicals should be manufactured to maximize their contribution to society while avoiding risks to human health and the environment. This also means replacing CMR and hazardous substances in product formulations. At ACTEGA, we take this responsibility very seriously. Based on our overarching expertise in chemistry, formulation, and application, we develop innovative and safe solutions that make everyday products better and more sustainable.

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Product design plays a major role in this context. The aim is to enable both the desired product properties and easy recycling of the raw materials used. If individual components of a packaging cannot be kept in the cycle, complete degradability should be a target. To achieve this, strategic partnerships are necessary. ACTEGA is currently developing new supply chains, working with brand owners, raw materials suppliers, and regulatory agencies. This partner-centric approach, utilizing the best and most innovative technology and expertise available today, will hopefully help build a better tomorrow.

ACTEGA's products and services touch the lives of billions of people. We understand sustainability as an important driver for innovation and the development of new products. Therefore, we do not only consider environmental aspects, but also see regulatory excellence as the competitive edge. We invest in analytical capabilities and in developing industry-leading methodologies.

Keeping an ear to the ground and thinking today about the day after tomorrow - that is part of ACTEGA's DNA. We are already working on sustainable next-generation solutions for the packaging industry. These include, for example, minimizing energy consumption in the manufacturing process, reducing the complexity of applications, features that extend the life of a package, and the use of alternative technologies or materials. All of this can make a significant contribution to improve sustainability throughout the entire value chain.

Here you can read more about sustainability at ACTEGA.